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On The Dock Now: Prince William Sound Spot Prawns and Kodiak Jig Rockfish!

Updated: Jul 19, 2020

The first deliveries of the sweet, delicious Prince William Sounds Spot Prawns are on the dock and these beauties are looking exceptional! Big, bright, and frozen at the peak of freshness, we can’t wait for you to try them! Shrimp lovers the world over have come to prize the Prince William Sound Spot Prawn as one of the most delectable of its shrimp kin. Known for its sweet, delicate flavor, delicate and tender texture, Prince William Sound Spot Prawn lovers often forego the butter and cocktail sauce to let this amazing flavor shine!

This year, our Prince William Sound spot prawns are harvested by year-round Alaska resident fishermen of Cordova, Alaska and processed at an independent, fisherman-owned processor, 60 North Seafoods. Prince William Sound Spot Prawns are carefully managed and harvested using small pots which is one of the most marine-friendly forms of fishing today. This unique fishery provides much needed diversity to Cordova’s small-boat fishing, and Catch 49 is proud to offer such a superb product to you!

Spot prawns can be cooked many ways, though boiling in salted water for a few minutes is the preferred method for most shrimp lovers. Due to their larger than average size, our PWS Spot Prawns can be split (or butterflied) and broiled with butter and garlic for a lobster-like feast.

Quantities are limited of this seasonal shrimp treat – so make sure to place your order today! Limited quantities of wild Alaska halibut, Kodiak jig-caught rockfish, and Copper River coho are also available!

We’re selling out fast, so make sure to reserve your share today at!

Pick up your orders in Anchorage on Wednesday, May 22nd.

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