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Your voice is needed to help protect the health of Alaska’s marine ecosystems, wild fisheries and fishery-dependent communities. Check out current opportunities to get involved below.

Ocean Water

Help Protect Lower Cook Inlet

In July 2022, the Department of Interior announced that a national five-year offshore drilling program was open for public comment through October 6. Despite public opposition and a lack of industry interest, the proposed program included the previously canceled oil and gas Lease Sale 258 in lower Cook Inlet. 


AMCC is working diligently with a national coalition to protect this area, which is vital to fisheries from Cook Inlet to Kodiak and beyond. 


Please join us in saying NO to oil and gas development in lower Cook Inlet and YES to permanent protections!

BS_Western Gulf_edited.jpg

Help Conserve Essential Fish Habitat

Roughly every five years, the North Pacific Fishery Management Council (NPFMC) reviews its assessments of Essential Fish Habitat (EFH) to account for the effects of fishing practices on habitat critical to lucrative species like crab, rockfish and salmon and to determine when changes need to be made to conserve and enhance it.

The NPFMC is at the end of the current EFH 5-year review and scheduled to discuss it on February 11 at their upcoming meeting in Seattle. AMCC’s concern about habitat destruction in the North Pacific is urgent, relevant to all ocean biodiversity and the focus of our advocacy at this meeting.  


Please join us in asking the NPFMC to take additional actions to protect Essential Fish Habitat!

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