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Invest in AMCC

AMCC was founded in 1994 with its members’ livelihoods in mind. Today, this is still how AMCC operates; working to improve sustainable fishing practices and policies, promote thriving coastal communities, and protect marine habitats. AMCC’s members are the backbone of our organization. They not only support our work financially, but many of them are involved in various ways from volunteering to submitting public comments. This work simply would not be possible without the financial support of individuals and businesses like you.

Ocean Guardians

Ocean Guardians

AMCC’s work is made possible thanks to the support of many hardworking and caring individuals, businesses and foundations who share with us a concern for the health of our oceans and wild fisheries and the ways of life they sustain. 


"I value AMCC for amplifying the voices of fishermen, harvesters, marine scientists and other regular people like me who care about protecting our oceans and the quality of food we get from them."


Katya Koteff

Koteff Accounting Group

Anchorage, AK


"AMCC’s role in advocating for the resilience of our fisheries and marine resources is more important today than ever. As I eat my beloved oysters, clams and crab, I only hope that my grandchildren can do the same in their 70th year.”

Pete Wedin

Homer, AK

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"AMCC’s work with Alaska’s community-based fishermen, especially their efforts to empower the next generation of commercial fishermen, is critical. Their approach to stewardship and sustainable economies that drives marine conservation is one we are pleased to support."


Bannerman Foundation

Los Angeles, CA

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"Keeping our coastal fishing communities economically vibrant, sustainable and environmentally healthy requires constant vigilance and action. AMCC continues to step up to meet these challenges. "


Stacy Studebaker

Kodiak, AK


Ways of Giving

Thank you for considering the many ways there are to support AMCC. Only together, can we advance solutions to our halibut bycatch crisis, advocate for climate-ready fisheries and keep fishing opportunities in our coastal communities. Want to discuss a giving opportunity more? Please email us at

One-Time Donation
Fishing Net

Join hundreds of committed individuals, fishermen and businesses in supporting AMCC’s efforts to keep Alaska’s unparalleled wild fisheries wild, our oceans healthy and fishing opportunities in our coastal communities.

Give Monthly
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Dependable, sustaining contributions allow AMCC to plan ahead and be more flexible to emergent issues affecting Alaska’s oceans and fisheries.

Honor & Memorial Giving
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Remember a life, or add meaning to a milestone such as a birthday, wedding or holiday by making a gift to AMCC in memory or honor of someone special. Once your gift is received, AMCC will send a card to the honoree or family acknowledging your tribute.


Alaskan friends, when you apply for your PFD, please remember you can support AMCC when you Pick.Click.Give.


Learn more at

Gift of Stock

AMCC welcomes gifts of appreciated stock or other securities you have held for at least one year.


Please reach out to us at or your financial advisor to start that process!

Planned Giving
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AMCC welcomes planned gifts.


Please reach out to us at to begin that discussion.

Business Partnerships

Environmental & social responsibility is good for business. If your company’s values align with AMCC’s mission, become a business member today!


Read about our business membership levels & recognition opportunities here.

Reach out to us at 

to discuss!

1% for the Planet

1% for the Planet is a global movement inspiring businesses & individuals to pledge 1% of their gross sales & annual salary to environmental nonprofits.

Learn more about how you can support AMCC with a 1% membership here.

Donate While You Shop

Support AMCC when you shop locally at FashionPact and Fred Meyer and know that every dollar raised keeps us fighting the good fight!


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Purchase Seafood
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Catch 49 provides Alaskans with delicious, high-quality, healthful wild seafood, responsibly-harvested by Alaska's small-boat fishermen, and delivered to areas stretching from Homer to Fairbanks. From dock-to-dish, we strive to have your catch impeccably processed and handled by independent, family-run processors that help keep our local economies strong.  


Catch 49 gives seafood lovers the opportunity to make a direct impact on keeping our vibrant fisheries healthy, our coastal communities resilient, and fishermen's livelihoods sustainable.  By supporting our direct to the consumer model of food delivery, Alaskans can keep our economy, fisheries, and communities thriving.


Our selections are tailored to Alaskans' big appetite for seafood: we sell larger volumes of custom-processed seafood that is frozen, vacuum-sealed, and ready for your freezer, all the while helping stewardship-minded fishermen get a better price for their catch. Profits are invested in Alaska Marine Conservation Council's efforts to ensure our fisheries remain healthy for generations to come, and that small boat, independent, local fishermen retain access to our fisheries.

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