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Happy Solstice, Alaska!

Dear Friends, As Alaskans rejoice in marking the shortest day of the year and an abundance of light to come, I’m inspired to share yet another reason to celebrate. Despite a monumentally challenging year, AMCC is less than $3,000 away from achieving our $20,000 year-end fundraising goal. We are honored to be trusted with protecting the richness of Alaska’s oceans and the vitality of coastal communities. For those who have yet to donate, we would be grateful if you joined our efforts. As our thanks for your investment, if you make a gift by December 31, you will be entered to win a one-of-a-kind painted buoy, created by a coastal artist and inspired by Alaskans' connection to the ocean. While the pressures on our oceans and ocean-dependent Alaskans have been compounded by the economic unrest of 2020 and our changing climate, we remain hopeful and empowered by the community of creative, resourceful and generous people—like our friends John and Rika Mouw, who you’ll read about below—who remind us every day that they’re not going to give up. And AMCC won’t either. Together, our Ocean Guardians illuminate the transcendence of interdependence.

With Gratitude,

Marissa Wilson Executive Director

Ocean Guardians AMCC’s work is made possible thanks to the support of many hardworking and caring individuals, businesses and foundations who share with us a concern for the health of our oceans and wild fisheries and the ways of life they sustain.

John & Rika Mouw Homer, Alaska

Longtime Homer residents John and Rika became members of AMCC in 1998. At the time, they were concerned about offshore oil and gas leases being offered in Bristol Bay as well as overfishing and bycatch by industrial fishing fleets. They were also inspired by the cohesion AMCC brought to the local fishing communities with which they were connected. John and Rika are actively involved with a number of community organizations. In fact, together they have dedicated over four decades to serving on local nonprofit boards. Like so many AMCC supporters, John and Rika are community-minded people who share a reverence for our oceans and the hardworking, stewardship-minded fishermen they are honored to count as friends.

AMCC works to protect our precious ocean environments. They support sustainable fishing practices and sound management while advocating for sourcing local fish for local communities. We encourage others to support AMCC, because the more people who join together in this effort, the more strands of healthy connections we can make between our place and all who live in these magical landscapes we call home.” We are truly grateful to have kindhearted legends like John and Rika in our corner. If you too value what AMCC contributes to the community, please make a gift today!

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