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Talking Local Seafood on Hometown, AK

Alaska’s coasts offer some of the world’s best fresh seafood. So why is Alaskan seafood so hard to find in Anchorage? Listen to AMCC’s Kelly Harrell, Cassandra Squibb from

Copper River Seafoods, Inc. and Kate Consenstein discuss just that on Hometown, Alaska. They’ll talk about how the local food movement is coming to Alaska’s fisheries through community supported fisheries and seafood sales, as well as what’s good to buy seasonally. Listen on APRN.

For more on how AMCC is engaged with local seafood, visit our Catch of the Season page, which explains our community supported fishery. Be sure to check back on our website in late May/early June for information about how you can order Alaskan, sustainably-caught sockeye salmon and other species throughout the year to fill your freezer!

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