Catch of the Season

Ordering has closed for Bristol Bay sockeye salmon. Stay tuned for updates about future offerings!

Thanks for your interest in Catch of the Season! AMCC is currently in the process of building a new website for our community supported fishery. In the meantime, please visit for more information about our unique program.

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Seafood Caught by Alaskans, for Alaskans!

How Catch of the Season Works


1. You Order Seafood

Catch of the Season is a Community Supported Fishery (CSF) that offers consumers delicious, high-quality, locally caught, wild Alaskan seafood. Like Community Supported Agriculture (CSAs), our CSF allows you to order a “share” of the season’s harvest from small boat Alaskan fishermen ahead of time. Check out more about how our seafood sales efforts are making waves. 


2. Fishermen Catch Your Seafood

The seafood you order is caught by local fishermen who live and work in communities like Naknek, Kodiak, and Nome. These independent family fishermen work to meet the highest conservation and handling standards to bring you exceptional seafood. In return, they earn a higher price for their catch through our program, enhancing the profitability of their businesses and communities.

3. Pick Up Your Seafood

Once the fish is caught, processed, vacuum-packed and flash-frozen, it’s shipped to the communities we currently serve (Anchorage, Palmer/Wasilla, Homer, Seward and Fairbanks) for pickup. When you pick up your box of seafood, you’ll also receive The Story of Your Catch with bios of the fishermen who caught your fish, recipes, and preparation tips. Feel good enjoying your seafood as profits also help support fisheries conservation and a higher price paid to community-based fishermen.

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catchoftheseasonDrawing connections from dock to dish among fishermen, chefs, and consumers by telling the stories of who caught your seafood and how it was caught. Check out a few of the stories we are already telling:

“Everything I’ve received through Catch of the Season (crab, rockfish, cod, and salmon) has been fantastic. It’s why I keep coming back.” – Catch of the Season customer

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