Catch of the Season

catchoftheseasonSeafood Caught By Alaskans, For Alaskans!

Catch of the Season Community Seafoods is a social enterprise (i.e. mission-related business) of AMCC. This unique program has been in operation since 2010 and is modeled after a Community Supported Fishery (CSF). Catch of the Season provides the opportunity to purchase high quality, locally sourced seafood from environmentally-responsible fisheries and community-based fishermen.

Catch of the Season:

  • Offers high-quality, locally caught wild Alaska seafood that meets the highest conservation and community standards;
  • Pays fishermen in the program a higher price for their catch and helps enhance the profitability of their businesses;
  • Supports AMCC’s conservation efforts by returning profits to the organization;
  • Provides Alaskan consumers, restaurants and chefs the opportunity to purchase quality seafood with the knowledge of who caught it, where it was caught, and how it was caught;
  • Fosters connections between coastal and urban Alaska and nourishes an understanding of the role of community-based fishermen in Alaska.

Catch of the Season has successfully operated for three seasons delivering premium Kodiak tanner crab caught by community-based fishermen to residents and restaurants in the Anchorage, Homer and Kodiak areas. In 2013, over 250 households, seven restaurants, and several lodges purchased crab through the program.

AMCC is busy working to grow and diversify Catch of the Season. In 2014, we expanded to new species including:

  • jig-caught cod and rockfish from Kodiak Jig Seafoods
  • Naknek Family Fisheries Bristol Bay sockeye salmon
  • Norton Sound Seafood Products Red King Crab

We are also working to develop new partnerships with community-based fishermen and processors in other coastal communities in Alaska to provide more offerings in the years to come.

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LOCAL FISHERMEN/SMALL PROCESSORS: Are you a conservation-minded, independent fisherman or processor looking for new markets for your seafood? Contact us about collaboration.

RESTAURANTS/SEAFOOD BUYERS: Contact us if you are interested in information about choosing locally-caught, environmentally friendly seafood.

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