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Spot Prawns & Rockfish on the Menu for Our Spring Catch of the Season!

Spring is here and we have been working to line up some new local seafood options for you all. Feedback from customers like you helps us know what you are hungry for. Time and time again, one crustacean continues to emerge through our surveys: spot prawns!

spot prawns_1

Our goal is to offer 5 lb. shares of frozen, head-off spot prawns to our customers in the Anchorage area. During this pilot we are unfortunately going to have limited on supply and will not be able to deliver seafood to Fairbanks and outlying areas.

Along with spot prawns, we are going to again offer delicious Kodiak jig-caught rockfish harvested this spring and some overstock of jumbo packs of jig-caught cod. Hungry, yet? We are too!

Stay tuned for news and updates as the season and ordering period gets underway. Thank you so much again for your continued support for the Alaska Marine Conservation Council and Catch of the Season!


Coming Soon: Alaska Community Seafood Hub

Our seafood sales program is getting a makeover! Over the next year we will be working to grow our program and creating something we are currently calling the “Alaska Community Seafood Hub.” Read more in this post from the fall.


Now Hiring: Local Seafood Sales Manager

Love Catch of the Season? Come work for us! We’re hiring a Local Seafood Sales Manager. Click here to learn more and apply! Please share far and wide!

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