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Ocean Guardian: Bannerman Foundation

The William C. Bannerman Foundation, founded in Los Angeles, California, over 50 years ago, is dedicated to building a better future for the L.A. community to include conserving, protecting and improving the environment.* In that time, with the addition of a board member who lives in Alaska with his family - who all care deeply about marine science - that community has expanded. While purchasing seafood through Catch 49 for several years, they learned more about AMCC’s mission and goals, fueling their interest in supporting our efforts.

They share: “AMCC’s work with Alaska’s community-based fishermen, especially their efforts to empower the next generation of commercial fishermen, is critical. It’s these fishermen that are key to the survival of Alaska’s fishing communities and the nearshore ecosystems that support all organisms, from zooplankton to human beings. AMCC is a perfect example of an organization that embodies the values of the WBF. Their approach to stewardship and sustainable economies that drives marine conservation is one we are pleased to support.”

AMCC is grateful to the trustees of The William C. Bannerman Foundation for their generous support. If you haven’t already, please help bolster their investment in our vision by making a gift today! *Please note: Grant applications outside the L.A. area are not accepted and are only internally generated by board members.

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