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Interview with Seven Glaciers Chef Gilman

AMCC has been working with Alyeska Resort since early 2014 when we began to source Kodiak Jig Seafoods rockfish to Alyeska’s Seven Glaciers Restaurant. Recently, AMCC’s Engagement and Development Manager, Samantha Baker, asked Seven Glaciers Chef Aaron Gilman about this partnership and about the resort’s support of AMCC as a business member.

Sam: Why motivates your business to support the health of marine ecosystems and coastal communities in Alaska?

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Chef Aaron Gilman demonstrating how to prepare rockfish at the Alaska Food Conference in 2014.

Aaron: As an Alaskan restaurant and resort, Alyeska Resort and Seven Glaciers in particular recognize that Alaska’s marine ecosystem is one of, if not THE greatest natural resource available to Alaskans and the coastal communities of Alaska play a major role in providing this resource to the rest of Alaskans. They are also the ones most affected by it. They are friends, neighbors and members of a larger community of Alaskans that are bound by this precious gift.

Sam: How does your business contribute to the health of these ecosystems and communities?

Aaron: Whenever possible we try to source local, Alaskan seafood and feature that on our menu as the superior product that it is. We donate time and charitable donations to non-profit organizations such as AMCC and Resurrection Bay Conservation Alliance in the hopes that our involvement will not only give these organizations support financially, but also help spread awareness about the challenges facing Alaska and the seafood community here.

Sam: What drew you to support AMCC specifically?

Aaron: We have chosen to support AMCC because we feel that [AMCC] is spearheading the most important part of this effort which is bridging the gap between the people who catch and process our seafood and the people who prepare and consume it. [AMCC] is facilitating conversations between fisherman and chef, chef and purveyor, and the consumer (i.e. Alaskans). It is an important role and one we look forward to seeing take shape in the near future.


For a list of all of AMCC’s Business Members and more on how to become one, click here.

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