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Fisheries Panels at Anchorage Food Conference

We’re proud to announce that AMCC is sponsoring two great panel discussions at the upcoming

Alaska Food Festival & Conference!  The conference, which will be held at UAA on November 7 & 8, will engage participants on the many local food issues (including local seafood) that we face in Alaska. Be sure to check out these panels featuring the work that AMCC and others around the state have been doing around local seafood issues and register for the full Alaska Food Festival & Conference. You can see the entire agenda here.

Who Fishes Matters: Understanding the Role of Community-Based Fishermen in Alaska’s Food Systems, Cultures, and Economies Friday, November 7, 2014 from 10:15am-11:45am, Lucy Cuddy Hall Commons Area at UAA

Alaska’s community-based fishermen play an important role across the state as small business owners and local food producers. This panel discusses community-based fishermen at the intersection of culture, food and economy in coastal Alaska. The overarching aim is to promote a better understanding of the social, cultural and/or economic contribution of local fisheries participation to Alaska’s coastal communities and food systems. This panel will highlight case studies and community projects across coastal Alaska which demonstrate critical connections between local fisheries access and participation, resilient communities, and healthy food systems.

Panel Speakers: Erin Harrington, Executive Director, The Salmon Project Davin Holen, Subsistence Program Manager, Southern Region, Alaska Department of Fish and Game Erik O’Brien, Executive Director, SWAMC; Kodiak commercial fisherman Kate Reedy, Assistant Professor of Anthropology, Idaho State University

Innovations to Enhancing Local Fishing Livelihoods in Coastal Alaska Friday, November 7, 2014 from 3:30pm-5:00pm, Lucy Cuddy Hall Commons Area at UAA

Alaska’s community-based fishermen face formidable challenges ranging from rising entry and operating costs, policy changes and doing business in an increasingly globalized seafood marketplace. Collectively, these forces are impacting profitability and contributing to the out-migration of fishing rights and wealth from coastal Alaska. Alaska’s fishing communities and fishermen are working to address these challenges in innovative and inspiring ways. This panel will provide a synergistic space to collectively consider effective strategies and potential solutions to enhancing the role of Alaska’s community-based fishermen within Alaska’s seafood supply chain and food system. Panel members will share their vision for the future of local fishing livelihoods and highlight on-the-ground efforts that serve as powerful examples of how local involvement and ingenuity can help shape a positive future for our fishing communities.

Panel Speakers: Quentin Fong, Seafood Marketing Specialist & Professor, University of Alaska Fairbanks Dune Lankard, Eyak Preservation Council Gordon Blue & Erin Fulton, Alaska Sustainable Fisheries Trust Darius Kasprzak, Alaska Jig Association Theresa Peterson, Alaska Marine Conservation Council

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