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Business Member Profile: Sitka Salmon Shares

Welcome to AMCC’s newest business member: Sitka Salmon Shares. Like AMCC’s Catch of the Season program, Sitka Salmon Shares is a Community Supported Fishery (CSF). Based in Galesburg, IL, they are the Midwest’s first CSF. Since 2011, the company has specialized in bringing Midwesterners the absolute best in wild seafood direct from small-scale fishing families in Sitka and Juneau, AK. Returning 1% of revenue to fisheries conservation and focusing on consumer education, Sitka Salmon Shares works closely with local family fishermen to extend to eaters across the country the cycle of sustainable seafood consumption and healthy harvest that has nourished residents of Southeast Alaska for centuries.

Why did you decide to become an AMCC Business Member?

“Our business exists to support and celebrate healthy marine ecosystems and coastal communities. It’s in our very roots. Indeed, we wouldn’t have STARTED the business if we didn’t see a need and an opportunity to better connect eaters to where their food comes from. As the only community supported fishery based in the land-locked Midwest, it is in communicating the importance of the places our seafood comes from–the environments and the people–that animates all we do.

We pride ourselves in working with low-impact, small-boat family fishermen. We work with them to tell the stories and put a face to the real people, real communities, and real ecosystems that our members in the Midwest help support.

This year we’re focusing on expanding our engagement with others in marine conservation and fisheries management to bring awareness and understanding of this important work to our members in the Midwest, who may not often think about the significant effort that goes into ensuring sustainable fisheries and fishing communities. The work of AMCC embodies all we want to support, linking change in the food system, grassroots advocacy, and community resiliency. We’re excited to help spread the message and further the mission of AMCC!” – Sitka Salmon Shares

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