Genetically Engineered Salmon

There is increasing pressure from the aquaculture industry to develop genetically engineered (GE) salmon for human consumption. Salmon farms can threaten the health and survival of wild fish populations through escapes, polluted effluent, and the spread of diseases. These problems have been documented on the east and west coasts where Atlantic salmon are farmed. Farmed salmon also compete with wild salmon in the marketplace and can have negative economic impacts on Alaska’s wild salmon industry and the fishermen and communities who depend on them.

The potential for GE salmon to escape poses serious risks to wild fish populations, including:

  • Genetic contamination of native gene pools
  • Exposure to disease and parasites
  • Competition for food
  • Disruption of spawning grounds

AMCC strongly opposes genetically engineered salmon because of the ecological risks to healthy, wild fish populations and the social and economic impacts to coastal communities that rely on maintaining a strong market for Alaska’s wild salmon. If GE salmon are approved, it is essential that mandatory labeling of the product be required. AMCC is part of a coalition of organization’s working to prevent GE seafood from entering the marketplace. Find out more:

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