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Support Healthy Fisheries & Win King Crab!

AMCC Crab Countdown1

What gets YOU in the holiday spirit? Perhaps it’s spending time with loved ones and friends, shopping for special gifts, a wintery stroll by the ocean, a trip to a remote cabin, or finding fresh snow for skiing. Here at AMCC, holiday time is for being thankful for all you do as members and supporters. Whether you are writing letters on fish policy, sharing info on the dock, or showing up to an event- you make the difference. This December, we are asking for your continued support in helping AMCC advance solutions for healthy oceans and coastal communities. To celebrate this season of generosity and Alaska’s world class seafood, we are kicking off our Countdown to Crab as we countdown the remaining days to give to AMCC in 2015. With our tasty incentive, each $100 you donate to help protect the bounty of Alaska’s oceans earns you a chance to enjoy some of Alaska’s most delectable seafood on your dinner table!

The Countdown to Crab will close at midnight on December 31st. The winner will be announced on January 4th and the 10 lb. box of delicious frozen Norton Sound red king crab legs will be shipped or delivered to the winner’s home that week (anywhere in the U.S). If more than $100 is given, your name will be entered in the drawing multiple times ($300 given your name is entered three times).

So the more you give, the more you do for AMCC and the more chances to win crab! We cannot thank you enough for your gift to AMCC! Best fishes to you and your family this holiday season!

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