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Start a New Holiday Tradition: Red King Crab

Ordering period ended Dec. 14th, please check back for other Catch of the Season offerings in the future.

Norton Sound red king crab was available this December through AMCC’s Catch of the Season program, a community supported fishery (CSF) that supports our work and mission.

Norton Sound Crab: Not Your Average Crustacean

Not only does Norton Sound red king crab melt in your mouth, but Norton Sound Seafood Products is a company that supports a better living for local small boat fishermen. AMCC is proud to collaborate with Norton Sound Seafood Products and its parent company, Norton Sound Economic Development Corporation, a unique Community Development Quota (CDQ) company “charged with improving the economies and living conditions in the Norton Sound region,” which largely means serving local fishermen with strong and stable markets for their catch, helpful resources, scholarships, training, infrastructure development, small business support, youth programs, grants, and a number of other initiatives throughout the Norton Sound region. By purchasing red king crab through AMCC’s Catch of the Season program, you are supporting both Norton Sound fishermen and the wonderful work that this company is doing in its community, as well as supporting the mission and statewide work of the Alaska Marine Conservation Council.

This seafood with a story is the perfect centerpiece for holiday parties and also makes a great gift for friends, family, and co-workers. Boxes were available for pick-up in Homer and Anchorage in 10 or 20 lb. sizes. Each box of pre-cooked, frozen clusters comes with the “Story of Your Catch,” preparation tips, and more great information about this product that tastes delicious and supports Alaskan fishermen and sustainable fisheries.

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