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Seeking Submissions for Young Fishermen’s Almanac!

We are proud to announce a new project in the works: The Alaska Young Fishermen’s Almanac! This book-length publication will be developed through the Alaska Young Fishermen’s Network, and feature short stories, art, humor, recipes, poetry, gear/boat hacks, how tos, and more, all while reflecting our fishing traditions.

Through this project we aim to better connect young fishermen to each other, and to the skills and stories of their coastal livelihoods. By sharing it within and beyond Alaska’s communities, we hope this unique collection can serve as a cultural touchstone, illustrating Alaska’s fishing way of life to a broad audience. We’ve gathered a dynamic group of young fishermen to lead the development of the almanac, and now we need your help!

We’re seeking contributions from young fishermen representing a variety of fisheries and fishing communities across Alaska. Submissions will be considered through the end of the year. Please participate and help us spread the word!

Submission ideas:

  1. Your favorite boat recipe

  2. A letter to loved ones from the water

  3. A tribute to your favorite captain or crew member

  4. A story about your best or hardest day fishing

  5. Illustrations of different species

  6. A packing list of essential items

  7. Advice that you wish you’d known as a greenhorn

  8. A diagram of a useful knot or gear hack

We welcome your stories, your creative ideas and your voices in this new venture!

Get in touch with questions, ideas or submissions. Email or call 907.227.5357.

The Alaska Young Fishermen’s Almanac is a project of Alaska Young Fishermen’s Network and made possible by funding from Alaska Humanities Forum.

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