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Ocean Guardian: Pete Wedin

Our work is made possible thanks to caring individuals, businesses and foundations who

share our concern for Alaska's oceans and wild fisheries and the ways of life they sustain.


Captain Pete Wedin will tell you that fisheries and marine conservation run in the family. His father John was the owner and editor of The Fisherman’s News for 25 years before working for Washington Senator Magnuson to shepherd legislation through Congress that would later become the Magnuson-Stevens Act. “AMCC immediately caught my interest when I read their mission back in 1997.” He has been a member ever since.

When Pete joined the AMCC board in 2006, he recalls the Chair asking him why he values AMCC and getting a bit choked up in his response. “I said I wanted to serve for the sake of my grandchildren. My wife Debra and I had just been blessed with beautiful twin granddaughters. Making sure they could enjoy Alaska’s bounty in the future was important to me. There are six grandchildren now, and I’m just as passionate about this.”

Pete also remembers the day years ago that climate change was introduced to him in a board meeting by a climatologist. The board immediately took action. “I still believe our biggest threat then and now is ocean acidification - and that AMCC’s role in advocating for the resilience of our fisheries and marine resources is more important today than ever. As I eat my beloved oysters, clams and crab, I only hope that my grandchildren can do the same in their 70th year.”

We are inspired by Pete’s long standing commitment to AMCC’s mission for now and future generations. If you also value our efforts, please become a member today!

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