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Ocean Guardian: Claire Holland LeClair

Updated: Jun 26, 2023

AMCC’s work is made possible thanks to the support of many hardworking and caring individuals, businesses and foundations who share with us a concern for the health of our oceans and wild fisheries and the ways of life they sustain.


Claire Holland LeClair // Anchorage, Alaska

AMCC Member Since 1994

Claire was first introduced to the idea of AMCC before there was an AMCC. While she was living in Kodiak in the early 1990s and working as a park ranger, Nevette Bowen was traveling around coastal communities meeting with fishermen and residents to suss out the formation of a statewide marine conservation organization. Claire subsistence fished for salmon and commercial fished for halibut during the derby openers and sat in on some of those conversations. She recalls: “The concept that developed from Nevette's outreach was not only viable but necessary. We needed a statewide group to take on the nexus of conservation, ocean health and sustainable fisheries – and to have a strong presence at North Pacific Fishery Management Council meetings.” Claire became a dedicated member when AMCC was founded and later, a board member.

“I appreciate that AMCC was created with the recognition of our human reliance on and connection to a healthy ocean for food as well as for work and commerce. I value AMCC’s steady and effective advocacy to help protect Alaska’s marine ecosystems and hold federal and state fisheries managers accountable for ensuring sustainable harvest levels and methods.” But Claire’s connection to AMCC runs even deeper. She explains: “My oldest daughter was born during a three-day AMCC board meeting in Kodiak. I had moved off island by then, but it felt right to welcome her to a place I love and where I still had wonderful friends. I will always be thankful to AMCC for scheduling that meeting in Kodiak!”

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