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Meet the Carpenters!

We invite you to meet the Carpenters from Kodiak, one of the 17 inspiring fishing families and fishing businesses we partnered with in FY21, and to read in their own words the positive impact of Catch 49.

Can you tell us a bit about yourselves? We’ve fished commercially out of Kodiak for over three decades and have owned our vessel the Fish Tale for 22 years. We started out as crew in the halibut and sablefish longline fisheries and became concerned about our future when the effects of privatization and consolidation in those fisheries, which edge out local small boat fishermen like us, became apparent. Since that time, we chose jig fishing as a way for us to spend time together as a family - working and building a fishing business with and for our children. The jig fishery is low-impact on the environment and still one of the few entry level fisheries that require little investment to participate. It has served as a steppingstone for us and many others to build a viable fishing operation for our family.

What inspired you to partner with Catch 49? We began partnering with Catch 49 around 2015 for the opportunities it gave us to provide high quality seafood to families across Alaska who appreciate the care and respect we have for our resources and also to receive a

better price for our catch.

Why do you value your partnership with Catch 49? Catch 49 has provided us the opportunity to grow our business and become less dependent on high volume, low value fisheries that dominate Alaska's seafood industry. It has allowed us to transition into high

value markets of folks - like Catch 49 customers - who value small boat fishermen and the quality we provide.

What would you tell someone to encourage them to become a Catch 49 customer and a member of AMCC today? When you support AMCC and Catch 49, you help small scale fishing families and the communities that depend on them staying healthy and vibrant. As a bonus, you get the best seafood possible, harvested by families that care about the resource, environment and sustainable harvests.

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