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Fishermen Fly-in to Washington D.C.

Alaskan fishermen traveled to Washington D.C. in May 2023 with other community-based fishermen from around the country through our longtime partnership with the Fishing Communities Coalition (FCC). The goal of the fly-in was to help our lawmakers on Capitol Hill understand the unique dynamics of our fishing livelihoods and the fishery-dependent communities we call home.

Theresa Peterson, Celeste Beck Goodell and Sophia Hogen

AMCC Executive Director Marissa Wilson and Fisheries Policy Director Theresa Peterson and Kodiak-based fishermen Celeste Beck Goodell and Sophia Hogen shared insights on the challenges and opportunities associated with Alaska’s fisheries and their management. Together with our partners, we advocated for vibrant working waterfronts, climate-resilient fisheries and ensuring MSA 10 National Standards guideline language 4, 8 and 9 reflect the evolving needs of fishing communities and local fleets.


AMCC is a longtime member of the Fishing Communities Coalition, an association of community-based, small-boat commercial fishing groups, representing more than 1,000 independent fishermen and business owners from Maine to Alaska, who share a commitment to the sustainable management of America’s fishery resources. Together, we work to support thriving commercial fisheries in each of our local communities, while acting as strong stewards of the marine environments off our shores.

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