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Catch Your Ticket Now for Sea to TapRoot & Join Us for a Delicious Celebration of Wild Alaskan

Celebrate Wild Alaskan Seafood and the People That Make It Possible – Purchase your tickets here! 


Eat! A seafood-rich multi-course meal featuring Norton Sound King Crab, Bairdi Tanner Crab, Kodiak Jig Caught Cod & Rockfish, Taku River Silver Salmon, Southeast-caught King Salmon & more to be prepared by Chef “Delicious” Dave Thorne! 

Discover! The story of your seafood and those who fish for it! 

Marvel! At and bid on one-of-a-kind customized art buoys, including this one below painted by Salmon Sister Emma Laukitis!


Tickets are Limited! $75 for pre-purchase, $90 at the door. – All proceeds benefit AMCC’s work to support healthy fisheries and vibrant coastal communities.

Purchase your Ticket Now & Join the Facebook Event for updates!

Buoy Crop

A Big Thank You to our Current Sponsors and Artists!

Favco Inc. ~ Kodiak Jig Seafoods ~ Midnight Sun Brewing Company ~ Norton Sound Seafood ~ Sitka Salmon Shares ~ Taku River Reds ~ Salmon Sisters ~ Corey Arnold ~ Alli Harvey ~ Karen Larsen ~ Sarah Lindsay ~ Bethany Waggoner ~ Emma Laukitis ~ Ash Adams ~ Kate Consenstein

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