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Catch Your Ticket Now for Sea to TapRoot & Join Us for a Delicious Celebration of Wild Alaskan

Celebrate Wild Alaskan Seafood and the People That Make It Possible – Purchase your tickets here! 


Eat! A seafood-rich multi-course meal featuring Norton Sound King Crab, Bairdi Tanner Crab, Kodiak Jig Caught Cod & Rockfish, Taku River Silver Salmon, Southeast-caught King Salmon & more to be prepared by Chef “Delicious” Dave Thorne! 

Discover! The story of your seafood and those who fish for it! 

Marvel! At and bid on one-of-a-kind customized art buoys, including this one below painted by Salmon Sister Emma Laukitis!

Be Regaled! With poems and fish stories from some of our fishing partners and AMCC’s own fisherpoet Hannah Heimbuch! 

Tickets are Limited! $75 for pre-purchase, $90 at the door. – All proceeds benefit AMCC’s work to support healthy fisheries and vibrant coastal communities.

Purchase your Ticket Now & Join the Facebook Event for updates!

Buoy Crop

A Big Thank You to our Current Sponsors and Artists!

Favco Inc. ~ Kodiak Jig Seafoods ~ Midnight Sun Brewing Company ~ Norton Sound Seafood ~ Sitka Salmon Shares ~ Taku River Reds ~ Salmon Sisters ~ Corey Arnold ~ Alli Harvey ~ Karen Larsen ~ Sarah Lindsay ~ Bethany Waggoner ~ Emma Laukitis ~ Ash Adams ~ Kate Consenstein

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