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Catch 49 Co-hosts 4th Annual Local Seafood Summit in Girdwood

Earlier this month in Girdwood, Catch 49 was honored to co-host the 4th annual Local Seafood Summit of the Local Catch Network (LCN), a gathering of small-scale harvesters, purveyors, academics and advocates from throughout the U.S., Canada and Mexico. AMCC is a longtime member of LCN, which is working to build a North American movement that elevates community-based fisheries engaged in local and direct seafood marketing. It aims to bolster seafood delivery systems that prioritize fair wages, fair access, traceable supply chains, ecosystem-based fisheries management, equity throughout the entire system and more.

At the Summit, AMCC’s Fisheries Policy Director Theresa Peterson, board member Darius Kasprzak and Catch 49 Director Katy Rexford (who also serves on LCN’s board), with longtime fisherman ally Alexus Kwachka, participated in a panel discussion on the fishermen-led advocacy to ensure the Gulf of Alaska’s Tanner crab and groundfish fisheries were sustainably managed. Market development Catch 49 did at the time provided a pathway for these successful efforts. Tanner crab was the first species ever procured by Catch 49 and Catch 49 remains one of the only vendors in Alaska that can bring Tanner crab to Alaskan tables.

While Alaskans can find sustainably-harvested seafood through Catch 49, you can help your friends and family in the Lower 48 find seafood sources that share our values through LCN’s Seafood Finder tool. Together we are making a difference to ensure that our marine ecosystems, fisheries and fishermen have a long and healthy future.

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