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Calling for Submissions for Alaska Young Fishermen’s Almanac, Vol. 3

Do you have stories or pictures to contribute about your fishing way of life - on or off the water? Or words of wisdom to impart to the next generation of fishermen? Maybe you have a poem or artwork inspired by your concern for the future of our ocean? Or a favorite family tradition or recipe to share?

Whether you’ve fished for one season or 50, please consider a submission to our third Alaska Young Fishermen’s Almanac, a publication designed to inspire future generations of fisherfolk. We are especially interested in content that celebrates the values of stewardship, people & place, family, fellowship, traditions, ingenuity and hard work.

Submissions can be sent to with the subject “Almanac Volume 3” and a name and address by September 1. Please reach out with any questions, and our thanks to all who have already sent in their submissions!


Need inspiration? Check out some Vol. 2 submissions!

Carina Nichols // Sitka

The Ocean

Quietly I watch the waves

In awe of the gray, rolling motion of

the wind driven sea

My father, dressed in a raincoat

Looking forward, confident on his

expertise of navigation

Together we are happy, hoping there

is fish in our ocean net

The beat of the boat hitting every wave

Rhythmic motion, carefree, and calm

Father and daughter, we travel

Away from the every day hustle of the village

We are content on knowing that this

is what we love to do

Lost in the vastness of the ocean

Time stands still

Melanie Sagoonick // Unalakleet


Valisa Higman // Seldovia Ward Hulburt VI // Dillingham Sonja Rootvik // Walla Walla


Theresa Peterson // Kodiak

The Watchman

The black crow sits upon the bow.

Beneath the hull is calm for now.

Above clouds roll in stormy skies.

The black crow waits with watchful eyes.

The fishermen make haste and reel up their nets.

Behind the wheel the captain frets.

The eagles head above the clouds,

But the black crow sits upon the bow.

Trevor McManus // Cordova

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