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Business Member Profile: Salmon Sisters

Welcome to one of AMCC’s newest business members: the Salmon Sisters. This apparel company is run by two young fisherwomen who create ocean-inspired wearable art. These two sisters who fish the Bering Sea hope to share their love of Alaska and spread awareness for the future of sustainable fisheries. Salmon Sisters original designs are printed on environmentally friendly garments, inspired by nautical tradition, and made for a community of fishermen and women who brave the seas for glory and gain.

“Our marine ecosystem has provided us with sustenance and strength since childhood, our coastal communities have raised us to be hardworking and humble. We find inspiration in the powerful beauty of our ocean and we hope to contribute positively to its future. We make clothing that can be worn with pride, for Alaska and for the fish we hope to keep catching for years to come. We hope to communicate a certain respect and reverence for our marine ecosystems through our artwork and our actions.

We give back to organizations like AMCC who we trust to make small differences every day. We have chosen to support AMCC because they work to help fishermen keep fishing. With the ability to continue in these traditions we retain our livelihood, our lifestyle, our story. We have worked with AMCC this year to make special apparel that we sold together at the Marine Pacific Fish Expo in Seattle.” – Emma & Claire Laukitis

To purchase the sweatshirt or tote bag that the Salmon Sisters designed to support AMCC, check out AMCC’s gear. For more information about how your business can become an AMCC business member, click here.

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