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We work to protect and restore the marine environment through sustainable fishing practices, habitat protection, and local stewardship. We support an ecosystem-based approach to research and marine resource management that incorporates the best science available, experiential knowledge, and the wisdom of tradition.

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Ocean Water
AMCC Fisheries Conservation


Viable policy solutions are at the core of AMCC’s approach. AMCC plays both leading and supporting roles in advancing policy and management solutions for healthy fisheries and marine ecosystems in the North Pacific through federal and state processes. Among other leading issues, foundational goals include reducing bycatch, protecting habitat, bolstering diverse fisheries access for community-based fishermen, supporting low impact harvest methods, and prioritizing science-based management. Ocean-dependent community members have a crucial role in advancing these conservation goals in the policy arena, which AMCC supports through ongoing education and engagement.  

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Charlie Peterson


Thriving subsistence traditions and sustained participation by local people in the state’s commercial fisheries are critical not only to community sustainability in Alaska, but also to fisheries and marine ecosystem health. AMCC is both a leader for and supporter of viable solutions for bolstering healthy working waterfronts, through activities that reflect the complex social, cultural, economic, and ecological needs of our diverse coastal communities. We support local food systems, viable ocean livelihoods and accessible waterfront infrastructure — integrating a robust conservation ethic into all such pursuits

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Cassandra Squibb (L) and Katy Rexford (R

Based on a Community Supported Fishery model, Catch 49 provides Alaskans with high-quality, responsibly harvested seafood and ensures that stewardship-minded small boat fishermen have a direct market for their catch. Supporting Catch 49 is about more than just purchasing amazing seafood - each dollar spent directly support's AMCC's efforts to keep our vibrant fisheries healthy, our coastal communities resilient, and our fishermen's livelihoods sustainable.

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