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New for Spring 2014- Kodiak Jig Seafood Boxes!


Support Conservation & Local Fishermen with our Community Supported Fishery! 

It is rare that supporting a cause you believe in not only makes you feel good, it actually tastes good. The Alaska Marine Conservation Council's CATCH of the SEASON does just that.

AMCC operates a Community Supported Fishery (CSF) that provides Alaskan consumers the opportunity to purchase high quality seafood caught with minimal environmental impact from local fishermen! This effort aims to link seafood consumers directly to our network of conservation minded, independent family fishermen.

Crab Dinner party

Current Season- Spring 2014 Kodiak Jig Seafood: 

For 2014, we are featuring Kodiak jig-caught rockfish and Pacific cod. Click here to learn more! 

Past Seasons- Kodiak Tanner Crab: 

Our past efforts have focused on Kodiak Tanner crab and in 2013 Catch of the Season was a tremendous success! Over 250 households, seven restaurants, and several lodges around the state purchased crab through the program. Thank you to everyone who helped support the program. 

Make sure to sign up for our enews if you want to receive updates about the program.

Catch of the Season Video & News 

Our Work

The Alaska Marine Conservation Council is the only organization working statewide to protect the integrity of Alaska's marine ecosystems and sustain community-based fishing opportunities. CATCH of the SEASON provides direct support to both ocean conservation efforts and to independent fishermen whose sustainable harvesting practices set a vital standard. 

Our Goal

CATCH of the SEASON will help create unique markets for sustainable seafood harvested by community-based fishermen. It will also build important connections between our fishing communities and urban Alaska. CATCH of the SEASON wild seafood is harvested using selective fishing practices that minimize waste and impacts on sensitive marine habitats.



A conservation program that delivers.

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