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AMCC’s all-Alaskan board provides the organization with leadership and guidance to fulfill our important mission. We are currently seeking new members to join this team. If you would like to learn more about joining AMCC’s Board of Directors, please read the AMCC Board Job Description, fill out this application and send it to

You can also contact our office at 907.277.5357 or email the Board at .

Brian DelayBrian Delay, Chair, Juneau
Brian Delay lives in Southeast Alaska where he runs a small construction contracting business and operates a family owned drift gillnet operation. Brian has worked in the salmon industry in Bristol Bay since 2003 and now fishes in Southeast Alaska. Abundant personal-use hunting and fishing opportunities have been an important part of sustaining his family livelihood, as well as commercial fisheries. Brian seeks to broaden AMCC’s work in Southeast by engaging young fishermen and residents who depend on healthy and diverse marine resources.

Dave TheriaultDave Theriault, 1st Vice Chair, Anchorage
Dave grew up in Maine and now calls Anchorage home. He has a background in conservation advocacy and politics working on statewide campaigns to protect Alaska’s natural resources. In recent years, he has participated in the Bristol Bay fishery. He holds a J.D. from Lewis and Clark Law School with a specialization in environmental and natural resource law.

Marissa WilsonMarissa Wilson, 2nd Vice Chair, Homer
Marissa Wilson hails from the seaside hamlet of Homer and has spent time on boats fishing halibut, sablefish, and salmon. Throughout her life, Marissa has always had a deep appreciation for the ocean and what it provides. Studies in anthropology and work in the nonprofit sector inspired her to turn what started out as a summer job into a lifelong commitment to preserve the ocean-dependent lifestyle that she and so many others hold dear.

Melanie Brown, Bristol Bay and JuneauMelanie Brown
Melanie Brown was born into a Bristol Bay fishing family that has been sustained by the bountiful Naknek River for countless generations. Her children are now part of her family’s set-net operation and she migrates with them to Bristol Bay from their winter home in Juneau annually. During the winter months Melanie advocates for salmon and their habitat with a State-based organization called SalmonState.

Patty HamrePatty Hamre, Anchorage
Patty Hamre is a lifelong Alaskan who teaches 1st/2nd grade at Campbell STEM Elementary School in Anchorage. Patty and her husband Dave own and operate a small shrimping business called POKI Prawns in Prince William Sound, selling locally.

Ryan HorwathRyan Horwath, Kodiak
Ryan Horwath moved to Kodiak, Alaska with his father in Oct. 2003 to continue his family’s fishing tradition. He serves on the Alaska Jig Association board and has been working on direct marketing cod and rockfish. Ryan believes one of the most important things AMCC does is cultivate awareness of issues facing coastal communities, including fisheries privatization and ocean acidification. Ryan was raised in Rochester, NY and has an associate’s degree in film and video.

Darius Kasprzak, Kodiak 
Darius Kasprzak grew up on the rural southern end of the Kodiak Island archipelago, homeschooled and enjoying a subsistence lifestyle during his formative years. He began commercial fishing at age 14, and has since engaged in most gear types associated with the Gulf of Alaska. He now specializes in the jig fisheries and is owner/operator of the F/V Marona, a classic 1940’s era working vessel. Darius has been active for well over the past decade in representing the Kodiak small vessel community, and is president of the Alaska Jig Association. When not actively fishing, he deckhands aboard a local tugboat, assisting ships in the Kodiak region.

Josh WisiewskiJosh Wisniewski
Josh fell in love with Alaska small boat fisheries when in his late teens he first stepped into a set net skiff. He has participated in small boat commercial and subsistence fisheries from Kachemak Bay to Southeast Alaska. Through fishing he developed an appreciation for local knowledge ways that led him to seek a degree in anthropology, culminating in a Ph.D. from University of Alaska, Fairbanks, based fieldwork with Inupiaq hunters in Northwest Alaska exploring hunters’ ways of knowing. He has since worked with treaty fishing tribes in western Washington on variety of treaty fishing, hunting and natural resource management issues. Josh continues to participate in Alaska small boat fisheries with his boat, the FV Merganser which he built.

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