The Oceans Thank You for Taking Action!

Date Posted: February 18, 2016       Categories: AMCC Blog Uncategorized

Thank you to those who ocean-acidificationrecently took action! Over 200 people took the time to sign the letter in support of increased funding for ocean acidification research. Through your support, we hope congress will approve the recommended Ocean Acidification budget.

This research is needed to understand the challenges ocean acidification poses to the oceans and the coastal communities that depend upon it. Not only are Alaskan waters particularly susceptible to changes in ocean chemistry, but fishermen, shellfish farmers, and coastal communities across the state depend on productive coastal areas for their jobs, cultural traditions, food security and recreation.

Federal research dollars can help avert the impacts of ocean acidification by deepening our scientific understanding of the problem, enabling local businesses to remain productive through awareness and adaptation, and active planning on next steps, both locally and nationally.

For more on ocean acidification and AMCC’s work on this issue, please visit AMCC’s Ocean Acidification in Alaska weppage and be sure to stay updated on current ocean acidification research on our Facebook Page.

The AMCC Team

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