Local Halibut Available in Anchorage

Date Posted: August 15, 2017       Categories: AMCC Blog       Tags: Catch of the Season, Local Seafood

Copy of halibut ad_fbPacific Halibut Now Available in Anchorage!

Caught by two long-time Homer resident fishermen in Gulf of Alaska waters with longline gear. Packaged as 10-12 oz. frozen, vacuum-sealed, boneless, skin-on portions. Halibut is $20 per lb. and the minimum purchase is 5 lbs. Available for pickup at the AMCC office in Anchorage.

Email seafood@akmarine.org or call (907) 277-5368 during office hours of 9am-5:30pm M-F to place your order! 

**Stay tuned for our Fall 2017 Catch seafood offerring that will once again feature Norton Sound king crab!**

Spring Catch Available Now: Halibut, Spot Prawns, & Salmon Bites

Date Posted: April 24, 2017       Categories: AMCC Blog       Tags: Catch of the Season, community supported fishery, Local Seafood

Happy spring local seafood lovers! We are excited to announce that a tasty and fresh spring lineup is ready for you to place your order, fill your freezer, and liven up your dinner parties as the Alaskan days get longer.

Delectable halibut from Homer that is making its first appearance as part of our community supported fishery. A limited supply of mouth-watering, pot-caught Prince William Sound spot prawns are also back on the menu. New to the mix is a fabulous new product sure to be a favorite at lunchtime or for camping trips: Dear North,™ Salmon Bites, created by new Alaskan native-owned company based in Juneau and most recently a winner of the 2017 Alaska Symphony of Seafood!

Click here for full details. Order by Friday, May 19th!



AMCC Returns to Kodiak for ComFish 2017

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Our team is looking forward to be back in Kodiak for ComFish, the largest commercial fishing trade show in Alaska. AMCC is pleased to host three great community events this year. We look forward to seeing you on the Emerald Isle!

Fish Taco Night

When: Wednesday, March 29, 4:00 – 6:00 pm
Cost: $5 suggested donation

Celebrate our island’s bounty with delicious fish tacos featuring rockfish harvested by local fisherman Darius Kasprzak of Kodiak Jig Seafoods and processed by Pacific Seafood on our working waterfront. The tacos will once again be prepared by the Association of Latin Women in Alaska.

Stakeholder Engagement in Fisheries Policy

When: Thursday, March 30, 10:00 – 11:00 am
Where: Best Western Kodiak Inn (Harbor Room)
Cost: Free 

Learn how fishermen and marine industry workers can get more involved in fisheries management in this panel discussion. Short talks from the panel participants will be followed by a Q&A discussion with the audience to better examine the ideas raised.

Presenters: Duncan Fields, former North Pacific Fishery Management Council member; Sue Jeffrey, Alaska Board of Fisheries Member; Natasha Hayden for the Native Village of Afognak; and a representative from the Kodiak Seiners Association.

Learn more and RSVP on Facebook. 

Ocean Acidification and the Seafood Industry 

When: Friday, March 31, 12:00 – 1:00 pm
Cost: Free (RSVP requested)


Ocean acidification is a growing concern in Alaskan waters. How will changes in ocean chemistry impact fishing communities? How can seafood industry professionals and scientists work together to better understand and address this issue? Join us for a conversation around these questions and more. Dr. Robert Foy of the Kodiak Laboratory will be available to provide information and discuss these important topics.


Pizza lunch and discussion hosted by AMCC. Please RSVP to Hannah Heimbuch if you plan to attend.

Partner Spotlight: Heather’s Choice

Date Posted: August 29, 2016       Categories: AMCC Blog       Tags: Business Members, Local Seafood, Supporters & Partners

Heather Kelly is an evolutionary sports nutritionist and creator of Heather’s Choice, a line of dehydrated meals and snacks for adventuring. Heather works hard to find the best sustainable sources of protein for all of her meals, including wild Alaskan salmon! Heather’s Choice recently donated a portion of their smoked sockeye salmon chowder sales to AMCC on Wild Salmon Day. We appreciate Heather’s support and encourage you to try one of her meals on your next backcountry trip or busy weeknight evening.

heather kellyWhat motivated you to start Heather’s Choice?

As a nutritionist, I wanted to have healthy, delicious food in my pack for all of my backcountry trips. I remember being really frustrated that I couldn’t fit three days worth of whole foods in a bear canister for a packrafting trip in Denali National Park, and decided there had to be a better way. After spending years playing with a small at home food dehydrator, I took a leap and launched my website to start selling some of my favorite meals and snacks. Little did I know, it has grown to be very popular and we now ship nationwide!

What is your business best known for?

We are best known for providing lightweight, shelf-stable, packable meals and snacks for the backcountry. Some of our best sellers include our Smoked Sockeye Salmon Chowder, Gluten-free Blueberry Buckwheat Breakfast, and Orange Vanilla Coconut Packaroons.

What sets your business apart from others in your industry?

We have a strong commitment to sourcing only the best ingredients, including wild caught Alaskan sockeye salmon. Even though our products are twice as expensive as our competitors, our customers love having higher quality food to eat on their adventures. We have supported a handful of organizations that we are proud to work with, including Backcountry Hunters and Anglers, the Wild Sheep Foundation, Alaska Mountain & Wilderness Huts Association, and AMCC.
heathers choice_products

What would you tell someone who’s considering trying your products for the first time?

We are a born and raised Alaska-based business that puts a ton of emphasis on our customer service. We will go out of our way to get our meals to a customer in time for their trip, even if it is last minute. The constant communication with our customers is what has made this business so fun, because we have such great supporters! They always have awesome stories to tell of their adventures.

What keeps your customers coming back?

Good customer service and delicious food! Our biggest fans are folks who eat healthy at home, and want to continue to enjoy nutritious food on their backcountry trips.

How did you get involved with AMCC?

I was first introduced to AMCC by (board member) Joel Cladouhos, and it seemed like a very natural fit for our business model. We love putting wild caught Alaskan sockeye salmon in people’s packs, and anyway we can support wild fish populations, we are all about it!

heathers choice_fireWhat would you say are the strongest connections to your business and AMCC?

AMCC’s efforts to support wild and healthy fish populations directly impact our supply chain. Without access to good seafood, we won’t be able to continue providing sustainably-sourced fish to our customers.

What kind of fishing do you like to do?

I had a blast dipnetting on the Copper River this summer for sockeye! In a matter of four hours we were able to bring in enough salmon to fill our freezer for the winter. No one can complain about eating salmon three days per week!

See Heather’s Choice in action here! 

Edible Kodiak coming to Crab Fest on May 26!

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Edible Kodiak graphic_FBKodiak Crab Festival has been a community tradition since 1958 and is still going strong.

This year AMCC is proud to co-host Edible Kodiak: Love What’s Local, an evening of food and music, featuring local seafood, subsistence foods and Kodiak’s local harvesters. We’ll celebrate the incredible food resources found right in our backyard.

  • Watch and taste as local chef Bradley Kane Ewing demonstrates how to make rockfish mousse with a spring rhubarb compote on toasted baguette points
  • Dance to upbeat island tunes by Chitsuwa Marimba Players
  • Taste delicious treats made from Kodiak’s harvest
  • Connect with local food initiatives happening on Kodiak

Edible Kodiak: Love What’s Local

Thursday, May 26th from 5-7 pm
Afognak Native Corporation Building
300 Alimaq Drive, Near Island

Member Spotlight: Schoolhouse Fish Co.

Date Posted: May 16, 2016       Categories: AMCC Blog Uncategorized       Tags: Business Memberships, Local Seafood, Working Waterfronts

Schoolhouse Fish Co. is brought to you by Eric Grundberg, Malena Marvin, Keeja the dog, and the F/V Happy Time. Eric and Malena are part of a wave of Alaskan entrepreneurs crafting businesses based on values. By keeping more fish revenues in coastal communities, prioritizing craftsmanship over volume, and supporting local nonprofits, Schoolhouse Fish Co. is doing their best to pay it forward to future generations of fish and fishing families. We’re excited to have Schoolhouse Fish Co. kick-off our new Q&A series highlighting AMCC members!

How long have you been commercial fishing? What drew you to this work?

schoolhouse_eric-malenaEric: I began fishing commercially over a decade ago in my early 20s. I had come to Petersburg to work seasonally for my uncle’s sea kayaking business and decided to stay and try a different line of work. Commercial fishing is the biggest industry in Petersburg and it was a good fit for me. I enjoyed working hard outdoors and knew that if I stuck with it I could eventually run my own boat and fishing business. Six years ago I ran a 42 ft. power troller, the F/V Happytime, and became a salmon troller. Malena joined me 3 years ago and now we operate Schoolhouse Fish Co. together.

The Happytime is outfitted for diving and I also take it out in the late fall with a sea cucumber diving crew. I still go longlining for halibut and work the herring roe-on-kelp fishery with friends on other boats.

schoolhouse_ericWhat would most seafood consumers be surprised to learn about your life as a small-boat commercial fisherman?

Eric and Malena: I think many people think of fishing as just that, fishing. But fishing is just the tip of the iceberg for our business. Eric works incredibly hard to keep all the working parts of our boat in good repair and is constantly fixing and improving it. Malena works on developing the Schoolhouse Fish Co. brand, as well as on learning the best ways to connect our salmon with people all over Alaska and the lower 48. By necessity, small boat fishermen must also be active advocates and we put a lot of time into that. Eric stays on top of all the fisheries politics that impact us as trollers and longliners, and Malena is passionate about protecting clean water.

Why did you start direct marketing your catch?

Malena: Like many fishermen, Eric was busy enough for many years just running and maintaining the boat on his own. After we got together we had more capacity to sell our own fish and wanted to set up a family business that would reflect our values. My experience with marketing combined with Eric’s experience with fishing meant we had a strong skill set for successfully selling our own quality seafood. We saw that by marketing our own fish we could get a more stable price since we would sell direct to customers rather than send our fish into a complex global market. At the same time, we are finding that more and more people actually want to know their fishermen and see first hand that they are supporting sustainable business.

11882807_1484069801893128_6155257524293578673_oWhat do you especially love about your fishing livelihood?

Malena: Eric and I both love the tides and living a “tidal life.” We enjoy that our fishing business and way of life are set to a natural rhythm that we have no choice but to follow. We also love our way of life in Petersburg, and getting to share so much wild food and wild places with a special island community.

What’s happening in the small-boat commercial fishing industry that is exciting or encouraging?

We love seeing new direct-market businesses pop up and more young friends getting fishing boats. It’s also wonderful that more and more seafood lovers are choosing to support people like us. It feels great to see people learning about what makes us different and appreciate the care we put into being conscientious and environmentally-minded fisher people.

What do you see as the biggest threat to your way of life as a small-boat commercial fisherman?

Unlabeled farmed and GMO salmon pose a threat to businesses like ours that depend on marketing actual wild and healthy salmon. In order to support small-boat fishermen like us, we’d also like to see the state of Alaska get serious about protecting the clean water and habitat that are the foundation of our fisheries. The state has invested a lot in marketing “wild Alaskan” seafood, but our politicians also have to be firm with environmental policies that will keep our seafood products pure and clean for future generations.

schoolhouse_malenaWhat advice would you share with others looking to start a small business?

Malena: Obviously being successful with a small business is a lot of work, but it’s also an opportunity to be creative. Small businesses are all about implementing dreams and I think the more you can identify and feel stoked about living your biggest dreams, the more successful you will be!

What part of AMCC’s work resonates most with you?

Malena and Eric: We love that there is more and more overlap between advocacy work and entrepreneurship, and that AMCC is embracing that sweet spot between traditional nonprofit work and that of small business. You are leading the way here in AK in showing that “growing the economy” and “saving the planet” are really the same thing if we do it right!

Where in Alaska would you like to visit or spend more time?

Malena and Eric: The fishing season doesn’t leave a ton of time for summer recreation, but we’d love to get out and float more of Alaska’s amazing rivers. We are lucky to live right next to the Stikine, but would like to travel to the northern part of the state and experience more wild Alaska!

Learn more about Schoolhouse Fish Co. at their website and like them on Facebook

Spot Prawns & Rockfish on the Menu for Our Spring Catch of the Season!

Date Posted: April 16, 2016       Categories: AMCC Blog       Tags: Catch of the Season, Local Seafood

Spring is here and we have been working to line up some new local seafood options for you all. Feedback from customers like you helps us know what you are hungry for. Time and time again, one crustacean continues to emerge through our surveys: spot prawns!

spot prawns_1The harvest season for pot-caught spot prawns in Prince William Sound is extremely limited and opens this Friday, April 15th. AMCC is working with a number of fishermen to try and secure a supply of these tasty critters for our customers. Due to the uncertainty in what will be caught and pricing (market demand will be high!), we are going to wait until we have some supply on hand to make them available.

Our goal is to offer 5 lb. shares of frozen, head-off spot prawns to our customers in the Anchorage area. During this pilot we are unfortunately going to have limited on supply and will not be able to deliver seafood to Fairbanks and outlying areas.

Along with spot prawns, we are going to again offer delicious Kodiak jig-caught rockfish harvested this spring and some overstock of jumbo packs of jig-caught cod. Hungry, yet? We are too!

Stay tuned for news and updates as the season and ordering period gets underway. Thank you so much again for your continued support for the Alaska Marine Conservation Council and Catch of the Season!

Coming Soon: Alaska Community Seafood Hub

Our seafood sales program is getting a makeover! Over the next year we will be working to grow our program and creating something we are currently calling the “Alaska Community Seafood Hub.” Read more in this post from the fall.

Now Hiring: Local Seafood Sales Manager

Love Catch of the Season? Come work for us! We’re hiring a Local Seafood Sales Manager. Click here to learn more and apply! Please share far and wide!

ComFish 2016 is Just Around the Corner: Join Us in Kodiak for Two Engaging Events!

AMCC is excited to be returning to ComFish, Alaska’s largest fishery trade show. ComFish 2016 runs from March 31 – April 2 in Kodiak. See you on the Emerald Isle!

 Fish Taco Night

What: Kodiak Jig Seafoods fish tacos

Where: Kodiak Island Brewery

When: Wednesday, March 30 from 4–7 pm

Kick off ComFish right! We’re celebrating Kodiak’s bounty with fish tacos featuring cod harvested by local small boat fishermen. We look forward to this popular event all year. See you at the brewery! $5 suggested donation.

ComFish Forum 

What: “Right to Fish: Challenges and Opportunities in Alaska Fishing Access”

When:  Thursday, March 31 from 10 am–12 pm

Where: Best Western Kodiak Inn Banquet Room

Join researchers, policymakers and fishermen for an engaging panel discussion about potential solutions for improving local fishing access for Alaskans. This event is free to the public. Complimentary fish chowder will be provided by Monk’s Rock.

Our panel:

Paula Cullenberg, Alaska Sea Grant

Paula is the director of the Alaska Sea Grant program, a partnership between NOAA and UAF that has focused on strong coastal communities and economies and healthy resources in Alaska for over 40 years. Her family are longtime setnetters in Bristol Bay.

Paula will present a summary of recommendations from a recent workshop called, Fisheries Access for Alaska – Charting the Future. More than 100 Alaskans from fishing communities across the state participated and discussed ways to ensure our fisheries continue to support Alaska into the future.

Courtney Carothers, Ph.D., University of Alaska Fairbanks

Courtney is an Associate Professor of Fisheries at UAF. She has been working closely with Kodiak communities for more than 10 years to study questions of access and equity in Alaska’s fisheries.

Courtney will present the initial results from “The Graying of the Fleet and Alaska’s Next Generation of Fishermen,” a research project conducted in Kodiak and Bristol Bay based on more than 130 interviews and 800 surveys with local youth.

Hannah Heimbuch, Alaska Marine Conservation Council

Hannah Heimbuch is a third-generation commercial fisherman from Homer, Alaska. She fishes salmon and halibut in the Gulf of Alaska, and works as the Community Fisheries Organizer for Alaska Marine Conservation Council.

Hannah will discuss the development of The Alaska Young Fishermen’s Network. The network aims to connect and empower young fishermen to become the next generation of fishing leaders in Alaska—in business, policy and stewardship.

Duncan Fields, North Pacific Fishery Management Council

Raised in Kodiak, Duncan and his family have fished salmon in Uyak Bay each summer since 1960. In the early 80’s Duncan attended law school and returned to Kodiak to work for fishermen: first on the Exxon Valdez litigation and then on regulatory issues. He was appointed to the Legislative Salmon task force in 2002, the Alaska Fisheries Marketing Board in 2003 and the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute Board in 2004 and the North Pacific Fishery Management Council (Council) in 2007 where he still serves. 

Duncan will present a conceptual framework and application of Alternative 3 in the Council’s current Gulf of Alaska Trawl Bycatch Management motion.

Full details on ComFish 2016 here.

Local Seafood Manager Position Re-Opened: Apply Today!

Date Posted: February 28, 2016       Categories: AMCC Blog       Tags: Catch of the Season, job openings, join our team, Kodiak Jig, Local Seafood

Update (5/6/16): We’re happy to report this position has been filled!


AMCC is still seeking a unique, and talented seafood-lover to fill our Local Seafood Sales and Operations Manager position. If you are interested in joining our team please read on and apply today!

This could be your new ride if you become our new Local Seafood Sales & Operations Manager!

This could be your new ride if you become our new Local Seafood Sales & Operations Manager!

Local Seafood Sales and Operations Manager: 

The Alaska Marine Conservation Council is seeking a fish-loving individual to serve as our Local Seafood Sales and Operations Manager. This new position is responsible for scaling up AMCC’s local seafood sales programs and creating a newly branded seafood hub. Our Catch of the Season community supported fishery and Kodiak Jig Seafoods brand have been successfully selling seafood caught by Alaskans, to Alaskans for over four years. The Manager will have the vision and capability to grow these programs into a cohesive and high-functioning social enterprise of AMCC’s that generates social, environmental, and financial impact. This position reports to the Executive Director and works closely with an array of fishing and processing partners, other staff members, as well as contractors. We are seeking an individual with an interest in long-term growth with our entrepreneurial organization.

Position Requirements include:

• More than 5 years of work experience (or educational equivalent) in sales, marketing, and operations preferably in the food or seafood business.

• Demonstrated understanding of Alaska’s fisheries and seafood markets.

• Experience and comfort working with spreadsheets and developing financial projections.

• Excellent communication and customer service skills.

• Demonstrated leadership experience and the ability to oversee and work collaboratively with other staff, board members and contractors, to engage volunteers and be a team leader.

• A self-starter with the ability to determine meaningful and achievable goals and meet them. • High level of energy, motivation and dedication to creativity and innovation.

• Extremely well-organized and detail-oriented and able to successfully and efficiently manage a significant workload.

• Passion and commitment to AMCC’s mission, vision and approach as well as to the vision and mission of our seafood sales programs.

• Ability to operate the AMCC vehicle (acceptable driving record) and lift objects over 45lbs.

• Ability to travel within and out of state and work on some evenings and weekends when needed.


The salary range for this exempt full-time position is $42,000-$50,000 and includes a unique benefits package with generous vacation leave, flex holidays, retirement, dental coverage, flexible work weeks and individual medical coverage. The position is based out of AMCC’s Anchorage office and start date is as soon as possible but no later than April 2016.

Essential functions and responsibilities:

• Retail/community supported fishery: Develop and implement strategies to expand the number of communities served and increase subscribers, as well as retain current subscribers.

• Wholesale sales: Develop and implement strategies to better serve current clients and increase sales of Kodiak Jig Seafoods cod and rockfish products.

• New business lines: Pilot and test the viability of new lines of business such as mobile food sales at events.

• Oversee all aspects of sales, marketing, and logistical operations to successfully carry out retail and wholesale sales.

• Forecast and monitor financial performance of seafood sales to meet or exceed targets.

• Work with a communications firm to develop a compelling brand identity for the Alaska Community Seafood Hub; ensure implementation of the new brand identity.

• Develop and track meaningful social, environmental, and financial growth goals for the program.

• Build and maintain relationships with fishermen and processors to increase supply options and support a broader base of fishing businesses. Successfully communicate with supply partners about the program.

• Oversee and put in place systems to ensure high product quality standards and manage any issues as they arise.

• Serve as a spokesperson with the media and promote the program through local events, speaking engagements, etc.

• Oversee and delegate tasks to a support staff member and contractors.

To apply: Interested applicants should send: 1) a cover letter detailing interest and qualifications for the position, 2) a resume with at least 3 professional references, and 3) communications pieces, marketing materials, or other examples of relevant work (optional). The application package should be sent to Kelly Harrell, Executive Director at kelly@akmarine.org as soon as possible. This position will be open until filled.

Catch Your Ticket Now for Sea to TapRoot & Join Us for a Delicious Celebration of Wild Alaskan Seafood!

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Celebrate Wild Alaskan Seafood and the People That Make It Possible – Purchase your tickets here! 


Eat! A seafood-rich multi-course meal featuring Norton Sound King Crab, Bairdi Tanner Crab, Kodiak Jig Caught Cod & Rockfish, Taku River Silver Salmon, Southeast-caught King Salmon & more to be prepared by Chef “Delicious” Dave Thorne! 

Discover! The story of your seafood and those who fish for it! 

Marvel! At and bid on one-of-a-kind customized art buoys, including this one below painted by Salmon Sister Emma Laukitis!

70907a72-07b7-4bf9-9667-7266b25c1489Be Regaled! With poems and fish stories from some of our fishing partners and AMCC’s own fisherpoet Hannah Heimbuch! 

Tickets are Limited!  $75 for pre-purchase, $90 at the door. – All proceeds benefit AMCC’s work to support healthy fisheries and vibrant coastal communities.

Purchase your Ticket Now & Join the Facebook Event for updates!

Buoy Crop

A Big Thank You to our Current Sponsors and Artists!

Favco Inc. ~ Kodiak Jig Seafoods ~ Midnight Sun Brewing Company ~ Norton Sound Seafood ~ Sitka Salmon Shares ~ Taku River Reds ~ Salmon Sisters ~ Corey Arnold ~ Alli Harvey ~ Karen Larsen ~ Sarah Lindsay ~ Bethany Waggoner ~ Emma Laukitis ~ Ash Adams ~ Kate Consenstein


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