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I want to tell you about Reise and Harmony Wayner. This brother and sister grew up near the end of the Aleutian chain in Unalaska. Their backyard was a landscape of emerald green hills, streams filled with wild salmon, and a rich ocean filled with a diversity of marine life.

The Wayner Family, courtesy Amy Gulick

The Wayner Family. Photo: Amy Gulick

Taught by their parents, Rhonda and Paul, this generation of Wayners continues the tradition of fishing at their family’s setnet site in Bristol Bay every summer. They have developed a strong sense of respect for the natural resources that support their family and other families like theirs.

Reise, Harmony, and other young fishermen and subsistence leaders from Sitka to Shaktoolik are shaping the future of coastal communities in Alaska. They understand that healthy fisheries are vital to the future of Alaska. And they are concerned about what the alarming pace of environmental change, unsettling national politics, and Alaska’s ailing economy will mean for the future.

Your support is needed now more than ever by Alaska’s fishing communities and families. Alaska Marine Conservation Council helps ensure the protection of Alaska’s marine resources for this and future generations. Please consider making a gift today.

Thanks to you, here’s a sampling of what we have accomplished in 2016:

  • Grown the Alaska Young Fishermen’s Network and expanded its impact to help nurture the next generation of coastal community leaders;
  • Catalyzed movement towards practical and informed solutions to keep fishing opportunities in our coastal communities;
  • Fostered smart solutions to bycatch in the Gulf of Alaska and the Bering Sea that consider the needs of local communities and long-term conservation;
  • Built a national coalition of small-scale fishermen ready to defend the Magnuson-Stevens Act, our nation’s “fish bill;”
  • Advanced an ecosystem-based approach to management in the North Pacific—one that addresses fishing impacts, supports inclusive decision-making and considers the effects of climate change;
  • Supported research, action, and engagement on the impacts of ocean acidification; and
  • Connected more than 600 Alaska seafood consumers with community fishermen through Catch of the Season, our thriving community supported fishery.

None of us know how the new administration’s actions and policies will impact our marine ecosystems. But one thing is certain. We must remain vigilant.

With your support, AMCC will—as we have for over 20 years—continue to advocate on critical issues today, tomorrow and for the next 20 years. We are in this for the long haul.

We have some ambitious goals for 2017:

Donate to AMCC by Dec. 31 to ensure a healthy future for Alaska's fishing families!

Donate to AMCC by Dec. 31 to ensure a healthy future for Alaska’s fishing families! Photo: Rhonda Wayner

  • Remain a steadfast and effective voice for regional and national fisheries policy that prioritizes conservation, communities, and local economies while considering the larger ecosystem and long-term changes;
  • Carry out cutting-edge social science research to generate knowledge and smart solutions to the “graying of the fleet” and support the well-being of coastal communities;
  • Bring our ocean acidification educational kiosk to new communities in southeast Alaska and defend important investments in ocean acidification research; and
  • Harness the power of the local foods movement and social enterprise to expand the number of fishermen and consumers participating in AMCC’s community supported fishery.

Please stand with AMCC by making a gift now. It matters more than ever to Alaskans like Reise and Harmony Wayner and families in communities like theirs.

Thank you and happy holidays to you and yours.

Kelly Harrell
Executive Director

Family Fishing Traditions Part 2: Homer’s Claire Neaton and Emma Teal Laukitis

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Today, we continue our series on family fishing traditions that highlights the next generation of fishermen that have grown up as part of the extended Alaska Marine Conservation Council family. We were inspired by our friends at The Salmon Project who recently showcased some of our favorite fishing women: Lexi Fish Hackett of Sitka, and Claire Neaton and Emma Teal Laukitis (aka The Salmon Sisters). Lexi, Claire, and Emma Teal are the daughters of our founding board members Steve Fish and Buck Laukitis.

Salmon sisters old AMCC photo

Buck Laukitis with daughters Emma & Claire in the bottom row, surrounded by AMCC founders at an AMCC board meeting in October 1997.

We caught up with Lexi, Claire, and Emma Teal on childhoods spent fishing and what their hopes are for future fishing generations. In the first edition we highlighted Lexi Fish Hackett of Sitka, and in this edition we showcase the Salmon Sisters, Claire and Emma Teal Laukitis.

Like we said before, it’s hard to describe how it feels to see these young women step into the roles of conservation-minded fishermen, stewards of the resource, business owners, and mothers. The simplest way to sum is: it’s why we do what we do at the Alaska Marine Conservation Council.

At AMCC, we believe in sustaining ties to family, community, and to the ocean that nourishes us so deeply. We believe in nourishing the next generation of fishermen and leaders like Lexi, Claire, Emma, and many other young fishermen across Alaska that we have the pleasure of knowing and admiring.

Salmon Sisters - Halibut

Claire and Emma fishing for halibut in the Bering Sea onboard the family boat.

Through their business the Salmon Sisters, Emma and Claire have been especially generous to AMCC, joining early on as a business member, creating a special “Our Oceans” hoodie with a portion of proceeds going to AMCC, and most recently donating revenue from sales of their young fishermen apparel to support young fishermen. We hope you will join Claire and Emma in supporting AMCC’s work.

In Alaska, it’s the time of year where we apply for our annual PFD.

AMCC is an official Pick.Click.Give. organization and we hope you will consider donating a portion of your PFD to AMCC’s work to bolster the next generation of young fishing leaders.

For additional instructions on how to allocate a portion of your PFD to AMCC, click here

Q&A on Family Fishing Traditions with Salmon Sisters, Claire Neaton & Emma Laukitis

Question: How long have you been fishing for and what’s your favorite thing about fishing?

Claire & Emma: We grew up on our dad’s boat, but started fishing together as his crew when we were 12 and 13. Our favorite part about fishing is that it’s guaranteed time together as a family — we’ve gotten to know each other and our parents in a different way because of long summer days together at sea. When we were in college on the East Coast, we always looked forward to returning to Alaska to fish for the summers, and still feel an innate seasonal pull back to the ocean.

Question: What does it mean to you to continue your family’s fishing tradition?

Salmon Sisters

The Salmon Sisters Claire & Emma.

Claire & Emma: Our family’s fishing traditions began with our parents, who moved to Alaska in their 20’s. So, our own tradition is young. But our parents learned skills from fishermen on the back deck of boats and on the dock, listened to stories from village elders, saw how fish were treated as a valuable resource and taught these values to my sister and me as we were growing up in False Pass. We continue our family’s fishing tradition by returning to the ocean each year to harvest fish sustainably, and in the off-season we spend our time and efforts celebrating our lifestyle as fishermen, the traditions that keep our industry and coastal communities strong, and the wild seafood that we catch with our business, Salmon Sisters.


Question: What types of lessons has your family passed down to you about stewardship our fisheries and oceans?

Claire & Emma: Our dad always taught us about the ocean — the geography, the birds, the tides, the way salmon swim upstream to spawn. A total education has allowed us to appreciate and respect where we work and the importance of our treatment of the resources there, how abuse of a resource will affect much more than itself. We have been taught that our family’s health is directly dependent on the health of the oceans, so we must do whatever we can to keep it in equilibrium, and thriving.

Question: What are some of your hopes for the future of our fisheries, your community, or the fishing legacy that future generations might inherit?

Claire & Emma: We hope that more young people will get involved in our fisheries and take responsibility for its health. Sustainable fisheries are about feeding yourself and others, without waste. If we can all keep this simplicity in mind, then there’s room to help the industry and ecosystem in other ways. Learning skills that will make us more efficient and smarter fishermen, getting educated on what our communities need and how we can help spread wild Alaska seafood across the globe. We hope the strength in the community of fishermen stays united and strong in the future, because our identities depend upon it.

Help celebrate and support the continuation of family fishing traditions like those of the Laukitis family and donate a portion of your PFD to AMCC this year. Together, we can create the kind of fishing future generations of Alaskans to come deserve.


Get Ready to Boogie at the 9th Annual Ocean Boogie

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BOOGIE_AMCC_KODIAKWhat: The 9th Annual Kodiak Ocean Boogie
When: 7pm Saturday, October 24th
Where: Tony’s Bar, Kodiak, AK
Tickets: $30 (Call 907.539.1927 to get yours today!)

Join the Alaska Marine Conservation Council for an evening of music, dancing, delicious seafood appetizers, and silent auctions at Tony’s Bar in Kodiak on October 24th, 2015. The Ocean Boogie is an annual fundraiser for AMCC and also features the drawing for AMCC’s Annual Cash Raffle with prizes ranging from $250-$10,000! Contact Kodiak Outreach Coordinator, Theresa Peterson, to purchase your Ocean Boogie ticket ($30) at or 907.539.1927.

Don’t forget to invite your friends on Facebook.

We’ll see you on the 24th ready to boogie!






Reel in $10,000 in 2015!

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Tickets for AMCC’s Annual $10,000 Cash Raffle are available now. Call 907.277.5352 to buy yours today!

The raffle has been popular across Alaska for years, as it offers a chance to win a grand prize of $10,000 by purchasing a $100 ticket. The odds of winning are outstanding, as only 350 tickets are sold and 16 will receive cash prizes! In addition to the $10,000 grand prize, one $1,500 prize, three $500 prizes, and eleven $250 prizes will be awarded.

  • Last ticket drawn wins $10,000
  • 2nd to last ticket drawn wins $1,500
  • 100th, 200th & 300th tickets drawn win $500
  • 1st, 25th, 50th, 75th, 125th, 150th, 175th, 225th, 250th, 275th and 325th tickets drawn win $250

As a bonus, you also receive a complimentary AMCC membership for one year with your purchase of a raffle ticket!

The raffle drawing will be held in Kodiak, Alaska during our annual Ocean Boogie fundraiser on Saturday, October 24, 2015. You do not need to be present in order to win.

Tickets do sell out, so get yours today!

>>To purchase a raffle ticket, please call 907.277.5352 with your credit card ready.

You can also send a check for $100 (or $100 x how many tickets you’d like to purchase) with “AMCC Raffle” in the memo. Please also include a note with your name, phone number and email address and send to:

Alaska Marine Conservation Council
PO Box 101145
Anchorage, AK 99510

We recognize that $100 dollars is no small amount to many of us. Please know your hard-earned money used to purchase a raffle ticket will directly support our work to sustain healthy marine ecosystems and promote thriving coastal communities in Alaska. We hope you will take a chance for fisheries and marine conservation by purchasing a raffle ticket or making a donation of your choosing to help AMCC continue these vital efforts.

Pick.Click.Give. to Double Your Dividend By March 31

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It can really pay to give!

When you Pick.Click.Give. to the Alaska Marine Conservation Council in 2015, you will be entered to double your dividend!

In March of 2014, Pick.Click.Give. launched a new incentive to encourage Alaskans to share part of their PFD and support Alaskan nonprofits. We’re excited to announce that Pick.Click.Give. is offering the Double Your Dividend sweepstakes again in 2015! For more information on this sweepstakes, including the official rules, please visit

What is Pick.Click.Give?

The Alaska Marine Conservation Council participates in Alaska’s Pick.Click.Give. program. This innovative program enables Alaskans to contribute a portion or all of their Permanent Fund Dividend (PFD) to nonprofits around the state. We hope you will consider using part of your PFD to support healthy fisheries, oceans and coastal communities this year by donating to AMCC through Pick.Click.Give!

Participating in Pick.Click.Give. is easy!

When filing for your PFD online between January 1st and March 31st, you will see an option to add a Pick.Click.Give. donation. Follow the instructions to make a donation – the Alaska Marine Conservation Council is listed as a “statewide” organization.Already filed? You can still add a gift at By selecting the option to make your contact information available to us, you will receive a complimentary AMCC membership with your donation.

Let us know about your pledge

If you pledged a donation of your PFD to AMCC through Pick.Click.Give., let us know so that we can recognize you before October (when we are notified of the names of donors and amounts of donations). You can call or email our Communications and Development Coordinator at 907.277.5352 or to let us know about your pledge. This way your complimentary AMCC membership can start right now! Learn more about becoming an AMCC member.

To learn more about other ways you can donate to AMCC, please click here. Thank you for your support!

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