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Ocean Guardian: Suzanne Abraham

AMCC’s work is made possible thanks to the support of many hardworking and caring individuals, businesses and funders who share with us a concern for the health of our oceans and wild fisheries and the ways of life they sustain.


Suzanne Abraham // Kodiak, Alaska

AMCC Member Since 2002

In 1989, just three weeks before the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill, Kodiak resident Suzanne Abraham bought her setnet site. As a single parent with two children, fishing was a huge learning curve for her, she says humbly, with humor and gratitude: “I look back on it now and get a good laugh at my lack of knowledge and cluelessness when I first started fishing. But I’m still here! This will be my 36th summer of fishing my site - and while I may be a bit wiser, I’m still learning new things.”

Suzanne became an AMCC member when she first heard about the organization more than 20 years ago, because she explains, “AMCC’s efforts to preserve our marine environment while also recognizing and including those of us who support families by working on the waters and nearby shores aligned with my values.”

Suzanne also shares why she continues to be a steadfast supporter today:

I’m concerned for the future of our marine environment and the human encroachment that’s changing it. Whenever a conversation turns to poor fish runs, overfishing, poor markets, pollution, climate warming effects and such, I tell people about AMCC. I share, if they want to be a part of a group doing something about it, check out AMCC’s website and consider joining and contributing to their efforts to protect our marine environment and fishing way of life. If we don’t support the people doing this groundwork, what we value will disappear. I encourage folks to support AMCC any way they can including, like I do, through Pick.Click.Give. to protect what we value and sustain it into the future.

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