North Pacific Fishery Management Council Update – August 2019

Date Posted: August 28, 2019       Categories: AMCC Blog
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As days become shorter and salmon seasons ebb throughout the State, Alaskans that have been immersed in summer activity may wish to share thoughts about the potential development of a new fisheries management plan for the Gulf of Alaska Trawl fisheries. During the June NPFMC meeting in Sitka, State of Alaska representatives Rachel Baker, Deputy Director of Fish and Game, and Karla Bush, Extended Jurisdiction Program Manager, expressed interest in hearing from the Gulf of Alaska fishing industry, processors and community members in regards to the development of a Gulf of Alaska Trawl Fisheries Management Plan to improve management of the trawl fisheries in the Gulf. In response to interest from the trawl sector to develop a new plan, State representatives are exploring both interest and issues to consider in fisheries management development from groups and individuals interested in sharing thoughts and ideas over the next few months. For further information or to set up a time to talk, please contact or 907-465-4115 or 907-465-6153.

The meeting cycle for the North Pacific Fishery Management Council (Council) will kick off in late September. For the first time in decades, the meeting will be in Homer from September 30th to October 9th. In order to provide ample time for participants to arrange travel logistics, the NPFMC has released a preliminary draft agenda.

Coastal community meetings such as Homer is one method the Council employs to facilitate participation in the Council process for coastal Alaskans. In the interest of pursuing additional ideas to increase communication and participation by rural and Native community members, the Council has established a Community Engagement Committee to develop recommendations to the Council on methods to improve engagement rural and Alaska Native communities. The CEC will meet on Tuesday, October 1st from 9-5 at the Lands End Resort Harbor room.

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Prior to the October meeting, on September 20th, from 8:00 am to noon (AST) at the Alaska Fisheries Science Center in Seattle, the Council is hosting a webinar on the BSAI Halibut abundance-based management (BSAI Halibut ABM) prohibited species catch limits analysis. The purpose of the webinar is to provide the public with an understanding of the contents of the analysis and provide an opportunity for clarifying questions with the analysts. The Initial Review draft for this very complex action considering a new and dynamic way to manage halibut bycatch based on the abundance of the halibut stocks will be released in September with Council action and discussion occurring at the October meeting in Homer.

The Kodiak Archipelago Leadership Institute is supporting a two-conference to learn more about the opportunities presented by mariculture in the Kodiak region on September 10-11. The Kodiak Archipelago Leadership Institute’s mission is to support the long-term sustainability of the region’s small coastal communities. The deadline to register is August 31. Email for more information.

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