AMCC was founded in 1994 with its members’ livelihoods in mind. Today, this is still how AMCC operates; working to improve sustainable fishing practices and policies, promote thriving coastal communities, and protect marine habitats. AMCC’s members are the backbone of our organization. They not only support our work financially, but many of them are involved in various ways from volunteering to submitting public comments. This work simply would not be possible without the financial support of individuals and businesses like you.



Catch 49 works with local fishermen and businesses to curate seasonal seafood offerings while helping stewardship-minded fishermen get a better price for their catch. Profits are also invested in the Alaska Marine Conservation Council's efforts to ensure our vibrant fisheries remain healthy for generations to come.


Critical fisheries management decisions are made at state and federal meetings including the Alaska Board of Fisheries and the North Pacific Fishery Management Council meetings. These processes are open to the public, and hearing from local residents and resource users is very important to decision-makers.

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