Working Waterfronts

Community-based fishermen that live and work in coastal towns and villages are critical to the economic, social and ecological fabric of Alaska. AMCC believes that effective, long-term stewardship of Alaska’s fisheries and the health of our communities depends on fishermen living, working and thriving in coastal Alaska.

Local fishermen, and especially rural and young fishermen, currently face considerable challenges to both establishing and operating resilient commercial fishing businesses in coastal Alaska. Today’s fishermen must contend with changing ecological conditions impacting resource abundance, increasingly restrictive policies affecting access, and the realities of operating within a competitive global seafood marketplace.

Despite these obstacles, shifts in both the marketplace and the policy arena offer hope for our communities and local fishermen. There is growing awareness across coastal Alaska of the need to combat consolidation and to develop solutions to provide for entry-level and local access to fisheries. A movement is also afoot in Alaska and beyond to transform the marketplace to deliver greater value to conservation-minded, community-based fishermen.

AMCC’s Working Waterfronts Program combines outreach, education, research, applied market efforts and policy advocacy to stimulate greater opportunity for local fishermen and to support the long-term health of our coastal communities.

Working Waterfronts Program Priorities:

  • Support policy solutions to reduce barriers to entry and provide for access to fisheries by local fishermen and communities. Read more about supporting local fishing opportunities.
  • Address the out-migration of permits and fishing opportunities from coastal Alaska. Read more about this issue and the Graying of the Fleet Research Project.
  • Develop innovative approaches to increase profitability of community-based fishing operations with projects like the Kodiak Jig Initiative and Catch 49.
  • Support young fishermen in becoming community and industry leaders. Learn more about the Young Fishermen’s Network.
  • Increase opportunities for Alaskans to buy local seafood and nourish connections between seafood consumers, restaurants, chefs and community-based fishermen. Visit our Local Seafood page for more on this topic.

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