Bristol Bay Sockeye Salmon


Who: Naknek Family Fisheries

Where: Naknek River, Bristol Bay, Alaska
How: Setnetting
Season: Summer (July)

photo1_zps60db0d2fWhen you purchase salmon through Catch of the Season you know where the salmon was caught, who caught it, and how that salmon was harvested and handled. AMCC is proud to partner with Naknek Family Fisheries this season and offer Bristol Bay sockeye salmon for the second summer in a row. Their salmon is harvested by a local fishing family and friends along the Naknek River using exceptional quality and conservation standards. Each fish is iced immediately so that only the fish of utmost quality will make it to your plate. This careful process results in a superior flavor, texture, and overall quality that will not go unnoticed. You can have confidence in the sustainability of this product and reward fishermen with a higher price for their catch.

“We adhere to the Alaska Native foodways: appreciate and respect for our renewable resources, minimizing waste, and treating people equitably… Our fishermen comply with strict handling standards. We handle our products as if they’re going to be consumed by our own family.” – Izetta Chambers (right), Company Founder and Managing Member of Naknek Family Fisheries

What our customers have to say:

54400009“…how much I have enjoyed that salmon. It is without a doubt the best I have had, and I used to fish it myself… I will be back for more next year for sure.”


“Fish is of excellent quality and packaged to preserve that quality!”

“Absolutely delicious, beautifully packaged and handled.”

“It is important to me knowing where my salmon is coming from and knowing that my purchase is supporting local, sustainable fisheries.”

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