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AMCC’s all-Alaskan board provides the organization with leadership and guidance to fulfill our important mission. We are currently seeking new members to join this team. If you would like to learn more about joining AMCC’s Board of Directors, please read the Board Job Description, fill out this application and send it to

You can also contact our office at 907.277.5357 or email the Board at .


Jon Zuck, Chair, Anchorage
Jon first came to Alaska in 1982 as a foreign fisheries observer with the National Marine Fisheries Service. He has over 30 years of professional experience in commercial fishing operations, fisheries-related economic development, and environmental and ecological impact assessment. Jon has worked as a technical advisor for one of the six CDQ groups in western Alaska and as an advocate for near-shore fishermen with the Bering Sea Fishermen’s Association.

Joel Cladouhos, 1st Vice-Chair, Anchorage2014-08-15 fly fishing
Joel grew up in Juneau and has participated in Alaska’s fisheries in some form since he could walk. He brings a background in business and accounting with an MBA in finance and experience working for two CDQ groups. Currently, he lives in Anchorage and manages crab and cod boats operating in the Bering Sea and Aleutian Islands. He feels fortunate to have seen the industry through multiple lenses and has a growing desire to protect and sustain Alaska’s fisheries and coastal communities.

Vicki Clark, Treasurer, AnchorageVickiClark
Vicki currently works as the Executive Director for Trustees for Alaska. She has practiced public interest environmental law for her entire career, seeking to protect natural resources when they are threatened by irresponsible or unsustainable resource development. Vicki brings her legal know-how, decades of work with non-profits, and love of the ocean to the AMCC Board.

marissaMarissa Wilson, Secretary, Homer
Marissa Wilson hails from the seaside hamlet of Homer and has spent time on boats fishing halibut, sablefish, and salmon. Throughout her life, Marissa has always had a deep appreciation for the ocean and what it provides. Studies in anthropology and work in the nonprofit sector inspired her to turn what started out as a summer job into a lifelong commitment to preserve the ocean-dependent lifestyle that she and so many others hold dear.

garyGary Cline, Dillingham
Gary is a lineal descendant from a multi-generational fishing family in Bristol Bay and participates in the commercial herring and salmon fisheries. He was raised in Dillingham where his moral beliefs were shaped around the Yupik culture and subsistence way of life. Gary holds a bachelor’s degree in International Business and currently works to protect Bristol Bay from offshore drilling and the proposed Pebble Mine.

BrianDelayBrian Delay, Juneau
Brian Delay lives in Southeast Alaska where he runs a small construction contracting business and operates a family owned drift gillnet operation. Brian has worked in the salmon industry in Bristol Bay since 2003 and now fishes in Southeast Alaska. Abundant personal-use hunting and fishing opportunities have been an important part of sustaining his family livelihood, as well as commercial fisheries. Brian seeks to broaden AMCC’s work in Southeast by engaging young fishermen and residents who depend on healthy and diverse marine resources.

elsaElsa Sebastian, Sitka
Elsa was raised in the remote southeast fishing village of Point Baker. She has spent every summer of her life on Alaskan fishing boats; deckhanding around the state on fishing tenders, hand-trolling her way through college, and now as the owner/operator of a power-troller. In the off-season Elsa works with Alaska Whale Foundation assisting with the development of a remote research center on Baranof Island. Elsa is excited to support AMCC’s commitment to healthy working waterfront communities and the viability of fisheries access for the next generation of fishermen.

1915895_1358804045968_186749_nBob Himschoot, Fairbanks
Bob has been a commercial fisherman for 20 years, both in Bristol Bay and Goodnews Bay. He has served on the Dillingham City Council for the last six years. As part of his responsibilities for the City of Dillingham, Bob chaired the Finance and Budget committee for three years, sat on the Port Advisory committee, Nushagak Mulchatna Watershed Council, and on the Facilities committee, among others. He has participated in SWAMC conventions for the past five years and worked with AMCC and coastal communities as a representative of Dillingham to raise awareness of ocean acidification by creating a resolution asking for effective legislation in curbing carbon emissions. Bob is excited by AMCC’s involvement in creating sustainable opportunities for our coastal fishing communities. He also believe that ocean acidification is an unheralded danger that few organizations address and he sees AMCC as a leader in creating awareness around this issue.

Ellen Tyler, Anchorageellen
Ellen hails from coastal Maine, and has made Alaska her home. Inspired by the distributed intelligence of food systems (particularly the wild genius of fish) she has contributed to and co-founded several initiatives bringing people in conversation around the production, harvest, reuse and distribution of our daily grub. With a Masters in Nutrition, she believes access to nutritious and culturally appropriate food is one artery into the heart of comprehensive preventative health interventions. Ellen has worked as a researcher, including researching seafood in a multi-state baseline production/consumption foodshed analysis; as a legislative aid, focused on federal appropriations and marine conservation; and as a program manager for the statewide ocean observing system.  She now runs her own consulting business.

Shocky Greenberg, AnchorageDSCN0972
Shocky is a lawyer and consultant who has worked in all 3 branches of government on resource and rural issues. In Juneau she worked in fisheries, energy, natural resources, Alaska Native issues and rural development. As a special assistant at the Alaska Department of Fish and Game she served the Trustee for Natural Resources in first year following the Exxon Valdez oil spill.  Most recently she worked on Cap and Dividend also known as Fee and Dividend solutions to Climate Change.  She has been involved in fishing for many years and constantly works to harvest and prepare wild and cultivated foods.  She is also engaged in finding durable materials useful in modern consumption that provide alternatives to plastic.

Sam Snyder, Anchorage
Sam is the Alaska Engagement Director for Trout Unlimited Alaska. After completing his doctorate at the University of Florida, he’s worked in Alaska fisheries issues since moving to Alaska in 2009. Throughout that time he has worked in various capacities for the No Pebble/Save Bristol Bay campaign, notably coordinating activities among all the partner groups in that coalition. Starting in 2014, he also began coordinating the campaign against the proposed Susitna dam and now works to support grassroots campaign activities and campaign planning on other issues in Alaska including the Salmon Beyond Borders campaign. A sport fishermen at heart, he feels fortunate to be able to live and work in Alaska with such  great diversity of communities who rely on healthy fisheries for their cultures and livelihood.

Darius Kasprzak, Kodiak 
Darius Kasprzak has resided on Kodiak Island for the past 40 years. He was raised on the rural south end of the archipelago, living a subsistence lifestyle and homeschooled during his formative years. He began commercially fishing at age 14 and has since engaged in nearly all commercial fisheries and gear variations associated with the Gulf of Alaska. He now specializes in the jig fishery and is owner/operator of the F/V Marona, a classic 1940’s era fishing vessel. He has been active for the past decade in representing the Kodiak jig fleet and small vessel community. Darius joined AMCC’s board in Nov. 2016.

board-pic_ryanRyan Horwath, Kodiak
Ryan Horwath moved to Kodiak, Alaska with his father in Oct. 2003 to continue his family’s fishing tradition. He serves on the Alaska Jig Association board and has been working on direct marketing cod and rockfish. Ryan believes one of the most important things AMCC does is cultivate awareness of issues facing coastal communities, including fisheries privatization and ocean acidification. Ryan was raised in Rochester, NY and has an associate’s degree in film and video.

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