Fill Your Freezer With Bristol Bay Sockeye

Date Posted: June 1, 2015       Categories: AMCC Blog       Tags: bristol bay sockeye salmon, Catch of the Season, Local Seafood

Beautiful fillets come frozen and vacuum-packed from Naknek Family Fisheries.

What better way to celebrate summer and Alaskan fishing families than to enjoy sustainably-caught, seriously flavorful sockeye salmon? Our Community Supported Fishery, Catch of the Season, allows you to do just that when you order a share of Bristol Bay Sockeye Salmon.

Order Salmon Shares Now to fill your freezer by the 4th of July!

For a limited time, customers in the Anchorage area can order 10, 25, or 50 lb. shares of flash-frozen, vacuum-packed sockeye salmon fillets. Order by July 8th for pick-up on July 15th-16th. (Homer and Fairbanks ordering periods have now closed)

Visit our Catch of the Season page to learn more about how the program works. Through this program, you will:

  • Learn The Story of Your Catch and be more directly connected with the fishermen who catch your fish;
  • Know your fish is sustainably-caught by community-based fishermen;
  • Support higher prices paid to fishermen who meet the highest quality handling standards.

Know your fish. Know your fishermen.

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